Characteristics of neoosteogenesis in the model of critical defect of rats' parietal bone using traditional and three-dimensional morphometry

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We modified the techniques of 3D-morphometry using histological sections based on computer-generated ЗЮ reconstruction and mathematical modeling. We compared the results of measurements obtained with the use of above methods and those taken with traditional methods based on the analysis of X-ray pictures. It was shown that the methods of 3D-morphometry we developed provided more precise evaluation of the size of newly formed bone tissue. Basis for technical recommendations to perform the 3D-morphometry at every stage, from surgery to morphological analysis, were proposed.

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About the authors

A. V Vasilyev

Institute of Human Morphology of RAMS; Research Centre of Medical Genetics of RAMS

A. V Volkov

Institute of Human Morphology of RAMS

G. B Bolshakova

Institute of Human Morphology of RAMS

D. V Goldstein

Research Centre of Medical Genetics of RAMS


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